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We didn't always watch movies, read books and play games on a handheld device.  The telephone was something anchored to the wall, considered "mobile" only if you owned a cord that stretched a few feet. It had a dial.  Sometimes you shared the line with your neighbors and it required an operator.  To listen to music you needed a belt-driven turntable and needle.  The television was black and white with rabbit-ear antennae often fine-tuned with flags of tin foil. Eventually, calculators took the place of slide rules.  The 8-track tape came and went.  Cassette tapes, followed by CDs, led the way to streamed audio.  There was a time when no one imagined VHS tapes, let alone DVD's and Netflix.

The vintage magazine advertisements in this exhibit offer a snapshot of the popular products of the 1950s and 1960s and the clever marketing that fueled consumption of these "high tech" tools for status, recreation and convenience. They harken back to an era when the hottest technology on the market was a transistor radio or a Friden Thinking Machine for those tricky calculations.

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