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Watercolors & Prints by Anne Finucane

Watercolors & Prints by Anne Finucane


December 2023 - February 2024

Watercolors & Prints, a selection of pieces by area artist Anne H. Finucane is on display in the Majestic Theater art gallery daily through the end of February. Admission is free.

Artist Statement

My inspiration comes from nature - our landscape and the living things within it - and my mediums have changed from acrylics to watercolors to colored pencil to pastel and printmaking and back to watercolor: who knows what will be next!

I started a series of watercolor paintings in 2018 that focus on people at work. This series combines two goals of mine: improving my drawing of the figure - people have always been the most difficult subject for me to draw - and exploring new subjects beyond - and yet including - the landscape. I find my subjects in many different places; many are from photographs that I have taken, and others are inspired by photographs in magazines and newspapers. For the most part, I alter these subjects a great deal, changing settings, compositions and colors, but when not, I try to give credit where possible to the photographers.

With my current loves of watercolor and printmaking, there is a lot of planning required. A careful preliminary drawing is needed for both, as the watercolor does not like to be erased, and the prints require drawing with a carving knife! But I like working in a methodical way, and i like the process of working gradually, in steps, toward a goal. With watercolor, this means applying color in layers, working from the lightest to the darkest colors. With printmaking, this means carving a block very slowly and carefully, as what you carve out you can not put back! It also means I don't quite know what I will have when I am done, especially with the printmaking. There are so many variables (translations: so many things can go wrong) that it is always a bit of an adventure!

I display my artwork at the Foundry, an artist co-op in Chambersburg. As Gallery Director for the Council for the Arts of Chambersburg from 1994 through 2019, I have been a long-time organizer, advocate and juror for non-profit arts organizations in south-central PA. My work is held in permanent collections throughout the area and has been accepted into juried exhibitions in Baltimore, Washington DC, and New York City.

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