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Works by Chris Lauer

Works by Chris Lauer


March - May 2024

A multi-modal selection of pieces by Gettysburg artist Chris Lauer is on display in the Majestic Theater art gallery daily through the end of May. Admission is free.

Based in Gettysburg, Pa, Chris Lauer is a multi-modal creator and community organizer. As Founder and Creative Director of Waldo’s and company, a non-profit art space supporting low income artists with studio access, Lauer is a teacher and coach as well as an artist. Learning mediums from printmaking and film, to ceramics and paper making, Lauer creates using a wide variety of materials.

Educated at the University of Minnesota, Lauer has continued creating and learning ever since. With mural works in California, Hawaii, Pennsylvania and the Midwest, he has also displayed locally with solo shows at the Adams County Arts Council, Waldo’s and Company, Garyowen Irish Pub, Cafe 1500; with as well as group shows including Rat Gallery in Washington DC. Influenced by the production of Andy Warhol and the oddities of Claes Oldenburg, Lauer imagines art as a means of visual play. Pushing boundaries and changing functionality while honing his skills as a craftsperson.

Lauer arrived in Gettysburg in 2007 and has enjoyed life experience and employment as a barista, bicycle taxi driver, vagabond, and artist-entrepreneur. Chris, along with a group of local artists and musicians, operates Waldo’s as a non-profit arts organization connecting artists and musicians and providing the space and equipment necessary to pursue their craft.

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