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Celebrate 95

Celebrate 95

Campaign Ended

95th Birthday Challenge Tops Goal!

I am delighted, and relieved, to report the Majestic’s 95th Birthday Challenge raised $69,130 toward our $100,000 goal from 119 donors – surpassing our goal of 95 donors. Over the last 17 years, I have been reminded time and time again how loyal and generous the Majestic’s patrons are, and you’ve proved it once again with this crowdfunding campaign. Thank you! I say “relieved” because the Majestic had never done an online campaign before, let alone being closed since March during a pandemic which has upended all of our lives.

I am also very grateful for the J. William Warehime Foundation of Hanover who awarded the Majestic a $100,000 matching grant to start a dedicated theatrical equipment endowment fund. Our production technology must be kept state-of-the-art in order to attract the finest artists from around the world.We are now well on the way to raising the complete $100,000 match by June 30th, which the Warehime Foundation will match dollar for dollar.

I regret we had to cancel our long planned, weekend schedule of “Celebrating 95 Years of Majestic Movies” due to the surge in COVID infections in Adams County. However, I believe with all my heart that when we are able to safely and responsibly re-open, that you will be as excited to return to “the grandest small town theater in America” as we will be to welcome you. And when that happy day arrives, the Majestic’s stars on stage and screen will shine brighter than ever before!

With sincerest affection and appreciation,
Jeffrey Gabel, Founding Executive Director
Gettysburg College's Majestic Theater

95th Birthday Challenge Donors:

Barb Guise
Joe and Kelly Lynch
John Fuller & Laura LeVine
Jeanne J. Arnold
Friends of the Majestic Theater
Cecelia Brown
Conor Brooks
Sam and Ian Isherwood
Tonya Knouse White
Mike and Anne Cherry
Susan and Wayne Hill
John and Vanessa Rice
Jennie L. Mingolelli
S. Kay Hoke and Dixon Brady
Gary and Ruth Topper
Dave and Pat Crowner
Gail Sweezey
Sharon C. Magraw
Mary Ellen Banks
Gail and Buzz Jones
Freda and Ted Bortner
Susan Swope and Shirley Tannenbaum
Ed and Jennifer Coale
Mark and Beverly Grazulewicz
Margaret Curtis
Marcella and James Amspaugh
Therese Prevoznik
Penny Moon and Jane Propst
Veronique Delesalle
Pauline and David LeVan
Pat and Bill Hinkle
Rob and Heidi Gillis
Evelyn and Warren Steen
John and Judy Egloff
Monique Gore
DCMike Schen
Charlotte Flynn Michalski
David Rice and Dora Townsend
Norman and Carolyn Nunamaker
Amblebrook Gettysburg
Patricia A. Lawson
Patricia O'Neal
Alan Gabel
Randy McKay and Diogo Mora
Sherman and Carol Hendrix
Tom and Katie Barako
Harriet and Donald Marritz
Jill Bemis
The Clarks
Bill and Bonnie Braun
Roger Lund and Bill Patterson
Jim and Marietta Witt
Richard and Laurel Thrasher
Riley Adams-Steinauer
Kat Clements
Rudy and Jean Grubesky
Ann Marie Campanella Brown
Julia A. Hendon
C. K. Kib Roulette
Ben Jones
John Zervas
Michael Wedlock and Ron Fuchs
Josef Brandauer
Michael and Dolores Smith
Dick and Edna Backe
Kenneth C. and Elizabeth M. Lundeen
Richard and Elizabeth Wood
Jeffrey and Trang Rioux
Elizabeth M. Zaic
Dagmar and Arthur McCardle
Audrey and Jerome Harness
Mary and Michael Malewicki
Pete Sperandio
Chet and Sally Schultz
Eisenhart Family
Dina Lowy and David Heinzelmann
Jerry D. Johnson
Brenda Corinne Garrand
Alan and Pam Cashman
Ang and Kathy Rider
Estelle King
Geoff and Gretchen Jackson
Joe and Kristen Gurreri
Jocelyn Swigger and Ben Kovaleski
Josephine Chuang
Sonja & Mark Withrow
Susan Frances Russell
Tres Mullis
Jessica and John M. Rudy
Kevin M. Stoner
Nancy and Jack Chambers
Diane Rush
Alice Carter and Bruce Larson
Rob and Sharon Dayhoff
Robin Wagner and Michael Birkner
Amy & Jeff Russell
Fritz Gaenslen
Nicki Redmond
Sue Currens
Mr. & Mrs. Bob Garthwait, Jr.
Jean S. LeGros
Marianne and Tom Jolin
Jill Schumann and Mark Oldenburg
Chris and Laura Runyan
Betsy and Dave Diehl
Robert and Marilyn Teeter
Daniel and Sunni DeNicola
Trish Jackson and Will Millard
Julie Ramsey and Bruce Bigelow
Janet and Ed Riggs
Mary and Jed Smith
Jeffrey Gabel