Movies at Home FAQ

MAJESTIC MOVIES AT HOME answers to common questions about streaming independent cinema at home, anytime.

How does it work?

1. Click on the Buy Tickets button from the film's page on the Majestic Theater website or follow a link directly from our website.

2. Click Rent or Screen Film on the event page

3. Sign in or create your free account. The Majestic Theater and film distributors are partnering with Kino Marquee, Eventive, and Altavod to offer these special showings. Your account will be required to access your content if you sign out, refresh your webpage, or wish to return to viewing at a later time.

4. Each streaming site requires an account to watch films, but once you make a free account, you can use this each time you wish to watch something on that website.

5. Fill out payment information in the fields provided and click Submit or Pay

6. You will then be directed to the film's watch page. You may watch on your laptop, tablet or smartphone. Some laptops and TVs can be connected with an HDMI cable. Some streaming services also offer support for Google Chromecast and Apple Air Play. Additionally, apps may be available for some devices such as smart TV, Roku, or Amazon Fire Stick.

I am having technical problems accessing a movie.

Majestic Theater staff are unable to offer technical assistance in accessing streaming content. Should you have any issues while playing your content, please refer to the FAQ and technical assistance on the streaming websites: Altavod Help Page, Kino Marquee Help Page, VHX Help Page, Eventive Help Page

If you require additional assistance or support, please contact Majestic Theater staff at

Are refunds available?

Due to the special arrangement that makes MAJESTIC MOVIES AT HOME possible, ticket purchases are not processed at the Majestic Theater. As a result, Majestic staff are unable to issue refunds. Should you wish to request a refund, please contact streaming sites customer service departments directly through their support pages. The Majestic has provided links to these support pages on individual film listings on our website.

Why does access to these movies cost more than a Majestic cinema ticket?

Due to the arrangements the Majestic Theater have made with film distributors, we are unable to offer our standard cinema pricing for MAJESTIC MOVIES AT HOME. A portion of each purchase directly supports the Majestic. Thank you for your support.

Can I use Majestic vouchers, passes or gift certificates to pay for my movie?

The Majestic Theater does not process ticket purchases for this special program. As a result, vouchers, passes and gift certificates cannot be redeemed for MAJESTIC MOVIES AT HOME.