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Film Festival: Thematic Clip Reel - A Divided Nation

Film Festival: Thematic Clip Reel - A Divided Nation


Saturday, February 11 / 10 am

Who Are We?: A Festival Celebrating the Films of Ken Burns

Clip Reel Presentation: A Divided Nation

Join Ken Burns live for the first of two clip reel presentations compiled by Burns and his team at Florentine Films and UNUM especially for this film festival.

A Divided Nation, produced by Ken Burns UNUM, explores topics of division throughout American history as illuminated throughout Ken Burns's 40-year filmmaking catalog. Presentation will include clips from numerous documentaries and live discussion with Burns.

Clips may include topics:
A House Divided, The Civil War
1861, The Civil War
A Word to the Black Man, Unforgivable Blackness
1968, Whose Side, The Vietnam War
MLK’s Assassination and its Aftermath
Kent State, The Vietnam War

Run Time: TBD

About UNUM:

Ken Burns UNUM is a digital destination designed to provide historical context to today’s issues and spark conversation. Drawing from Florentine Films library of work, UNUM highlights themes throughout American history to advance a more complete understanding of our past, present and future.

UNUM is inspired by the original motto of the United States, e pluribus unum — out of many, one. Building on the vision behind the award-winning Ken Burns iPad app, UNUM enables Burns and the team at Florentine Films to curate related content relevant to each scene: videos, articles, books, podcast excerpts, and tweets, which helps viewers explore the theme more deeply or hear contemporary perspectives.

UNUM, which is free for all users, was made possible thanks to support from the philanthropist David Rubenstein through The Better Angels Society, a nonprofit organization dedicated to the preservation of American history, introducing and educating Americans to multiple aspects of their history.

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